Warm Springs Eco-Huts Concept

Warm Springs, Oregon

PMA was provided an opportunity to create temporary Eco-Huts nestled on the right bank along a gentle curve of the Deschutes River adjacent to the Warm Spring Tribe Reservation. Inherent in our design approach for the Eco-Huts is the creation of design solutions that emphasize the uniqueness of Place. The concept includes Land Restoration and Land Stewardship. The site topography has a shallow slope towards the river with basalt escarpments forming the river valley. PMA created a prototype model, easily constructed and assembled off site (test fit), then transported to the site and efficiently erected. The prototype was designed to be economical and conceived to have minimal footprints on the land resting on piers elevating the floor above the land and accommodating the undulating landscape. The process of assembling the Eco-Huts on-site and disassembling them in the future determined the material pallet of dimensional lumber and pre-assembled wood window walls.

A modular dimension was chosen permitting variation in the Eco-Hut sizes. The floor, walls, and roof planes are built off-site and tilted in place. Exterior stained wood material varying from plywood to sawn boards were chosen to harmonize with the High Desert landscape and be of minimal maintenance. Plywood panels are dressed with battens and sawn mill boards are stained dark desert grey and applied horizontally to create solid side walls atop of which are placed ribbon windows. The primary entry and view wall is a wood frame window and door façade. A deep roof overhang protects the interior from solar gain. Interiors are exposed panel faces or stained mill boards. Partial height walls denote areas of more privacy.