OHSU Auditorium Building Exterior Condition & Interior Assessment

Portland, Oregon
Completed 2015
Size: 43,271 square feet

The Auditorium Building was designed by the architect Ellis F. Lawrence and constructed in 1939. The University of Oregon (now Oregon Health and Science University) had hired Lawrence to design other buildings on the campus with the vision of creating an “acropolis of healing” on top of Marquam Hill.
The condition assessment included the exterior facade of the Auditorium Building and categorized the need of repair into three priority levels.

Building Envelope Corrections:
• Level 1 Priority Repairs should be completed in order to prevent further damage to the building. Many of these repairs are necessary to solve water intrusion problems.
• Level 2 Priority Repairs are repairs to damaged areas within the building. The repairs are designed to maintain building materials and to extend the lifespan of the materials.
• Level 3 Priority Repairs are associated with rehabilitation of the space to create greater historic integrity.

Additionally, PMA collaborated with Heritage Conservation Group, LLC, to survey and document the cultural heritage holdings in the Auditorium building.