Mercy Corps World Headquarters Renovation

Portland, Oregon
Completed 2008
Size: 16,000 square feet

The historic Packer Scott building, now the World Headquarters for Mercy Corps, had significant damage to the original masonry resulting from inappropriate sand blasting cleaning techniques. PMA provided a complete building exterior assessment and identified areas of 50% or more cross section loss to the masonry and guided the design team towards suitable replacement material. In addition, PMA investigated foundation drainage issues during construction using non-destructive investigation techniques, and worked with the sub-contractors to provide proper techniques in the use of lime-based mortar.

Building Envelope Corrections:
• Analysis of exterior masonry and identification and specification of proper repair material and techniques.
• Analysis of the original construction means and methods of the sheet metal entablature as well as techniques for repair.
• Conducting full building window assessment and development of the drawings and package leading to support for window replacement.