Joseph Vance Building

Seattle, Washington
Completed 2016 - 2017
Size: 137,350 square feet

At the request of Jonathan Rose Companies/Kidder Mathews, Peter Meijer Architect, PC, (PMA) was retained to provide a limited exterior condition assessment of the terra cotta veneer at the Joseph Vance Building in Seattle, WA. PMA was initially contracted to observe repair work being performed by Pioneer Masonry Restoration (Pioneer). While onsite several significant deficiencies were noted on the west elevation. PMA recommended a complete assessment of the west elevation to understand the source of the observed deficiencies. Exterior observations were conducted from swing stage equipment located on the west elevation of the building. The south elevation was observed during review of Pioneer’s repair work and is discussed in the following report, however detailed observations on the elevation were not included in this scope of work. The short east elevation was also not assessed as part of this investigation. The purpose of the assessment was to provide Jonathan Rose Companies/Kidder Mathews with an understanding of the existing conditions, potential causes of terra cotta deterioration and repair recommendations.

The Joseph Vance Building was built in 1929 .The building is fourteen stories high and constructed with a concrete structure and concrete infill between structural columns. The west and south elevations have a decorative terra cotta veneer facade. On the east elevation the primary material is painted concrete/stucco, with a small section of terra cotta veneer along the southern most portion of the structure. The north elevation is entirely painted concrete/stucco.