City of Hillsboro Cultural Resource Inventory (CRI) Update

Hillsboro, Oregon
Completed 2013

Peter Meijer Architect, PC (PMA) led and conducted a selective Cultural Resource Inventory update of residential, agrarian, and early commercial structures in the historic community of Orenco for the City of Hillsboro. These properties were generally built in the early 1900s.

The CRI update included:
• Site visit to each location
• Review of historical information
• Uploading the information to the Oregon Historic Site Forms
• Review and approval of the completed forms by the City and by SHPO
• Revisions as necessary to meet SHPO standards

Research into the Orenco community, which was a “company town” outside of Hillsboro, depended on multiple primary sources including deeds, census forms, photographs, and maps. Earlier research was verified and expanded on. Full Oregon Historic Site Forms were then completed for each individual property and subsequently uploaded to the City of Hillsboro property inventory database.